Keep it clean, and the compliments will keep coming.

By choosing natural stone your facility gains years of beauty and character. Nothing invokes exclamations of appreciation like marble or granite, unless of course, it is not maintained. However, some damages can be irreversible:

*Sand and grit carried from outside can scratch and abrade the surface.
*Spills from food, oil, ink, water damages and rust can cause permanent stains.
*Acidic substances such as lemon juice, orange juice, carbonated beverages, cranberry juice, apple juice, wine, tomato, etc. may leave a dull mark.
*Chemicals with high alkaline content or bleach can take the shine away.
*Continuous use of water as the sole cleaning agent (without chemicals), or using dirty mops, or not changing the cleaning solution frequently enough, can cause a dingy, streaky and unattractive look.

Our trained staff will gently preserve the elegance of natural stone without hurting the environment. We use products that will not react to the natural minerals of stone, yet it will thoroughly clean the porous surface of stones.

J Valle Cleaning has been trusted by local businesses in various sectors. We offer high quality services while maintaining reasonable and affordable prices.

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